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Escali Scales

The escali tabla ultra thin nutritional scale is the perfect tool for accurate and accurate scales for your business. This scale is made with a thin metal plate that allows for easy monitoring of food intake and output. The scale has two settings - thin and thick - for either accurate reading or helpful information.

Escali L600 Scale High Precision

Best Escali Scales Review

The escali pico colored digital scale is a great tool for measuring food and drink items. It is 11" lb. With a 5" kg. This tool can be used for brewing, boiling, and other food recipes. It has a digital readout and a comfortable design. This scale is perfect for kitchen use.
the primo digital scale is a great choice for those who want to kitchen cleanliness and food preparation. It has a 11-lb weight and a digital readout that keeps track of food size and temperature. This scale can be used for food production or just to and from the kitchen.
the escali ms-series mechanical dial scale is a great choice for those who want a reliable and sturdy scale. It measures and destroys food with ease, making it a great choice for busy restaurants or home cooks. The scale comes with an 8-inch dial, making it large and easy to read, and it has a back and forth movement that makes it easy topszus.